Anette Askvik music

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Anette Askvik is a Norwegian artist and composer. Her ability to grab people at their core, makes her performances memorable. The music is authentic, raw and romantic, and creates a nice balance between the acoustic and electronic.


Anette Askvik

Anette Askvik's songs range from fragile lullabies about the little things to explosive compositions about eternal darkness. 

Alternating between well-produced pop gems and mysterious ambience, Anette Askvik's music reveals her unyielding desire to search, create and develop.

Sounds from the Universe

In the songs on her album Multiverse Anette has used recordings from NASA with sounds from stars, moons and planets. Her clever use of sound effects and visuals amplify her songwriting and create a fierce and hypnotic undertow. 

The lyrics reflects the great mystery of the universe and the human mind. In many ways her music also reflects the alluring Norwegian nature, with high mountains and deep valleys.


The genre is best described as Nordic indie pop with a wide range of influences. 


Anette Askvik has released two albums on BIRD RECORDS.

  • LIBERTY (2011) 

  • MULTIVERSE (2016)